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Who We Are

The Story Behind

We are Artivity Agency, a Digital Marketing, Design and Development Agency based in the Bay Area, California. What makes us different from others in the market is that we are a startup-friendly and supportive of small businesses. We take pride in delivering quality services and smart business solutions at highly competitive prices in the fastest turnaround time with 100% Customer Satisfaction. Our Digital Marketing is magnificent.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality services and smart business solutions that big brands avail, at market competitive prices along with highest possible returns. From startup owners to small businesses, entrepreneurs to influencers and bloggers to Youtubers, we aim to provide inspiration and fire up your design ideas with unlimited logo design concepts.

“Be strong you never know who you are inspiring.”

Sarah Yong

Project Manager

Best Team

Epulo Experts

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Lorenzo B. Smith

artivity agency staff woman

Christine Lawson

artivity agency staff man

Mark K. Mays

Creative Writer
artivity agency staff woman

jennifer smart

IT expert
artivity agency staff man

Adam G. Christian

artivity agency staff woman

Aisha Stewart


What We Believe

We strive to help our clients succeed with us. We believe in business ideas and strengths of our clients and thus, we develop close working relationships that make them more competitive in the digital realm packed with big brands and industry’s giants.

Artivity Agency


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